my first quilt

I bought my very first quilt! This item was already a long time on my gear wishlist… Do you have also a gear wishlist? 
A quilt, for those who doesn’t know what it is, here a short explanation. It’s a sleeping bag, but not like a normal mummy bag that surrounds you. The Quilt is like a blanket, which you can strap on to your sleeping pad. So you’re saving some weight, because the unnecessary material of the mummy bag, where you’re lying on, doesn’t exist. Sound great, right?

On the market there are tons of quilts. I decided me however for one of the new collection of thermarest, the Vesper 20F. It’s super lightweight (only 550g/19oz) and the temperature rating is also quite nice (comfort temp. 0C/32F). 

When it arrived on Wednesday I was so excited to try it out. I came up with the idea to cowboy camp behind my house’s hill. So I set up all on the hill and tried to sleep. But I couldn’t really fall a sleep. It wasn’t the cold (it was very chilly outside), it had been all the noises around me.. 
Fun fact, I am more scared on the hill in the village than in the remote wilderness. So I failed at 1am and went back into the house. Good thing after all, I saw a shooting star! So far I totally love the new quilt.

Look at that happy face!