I’m happy you found my website on this wide internet! Here you’ll find stories from my adventures. I am a passionate thru-hiker and seriously addicted to skittles.


This summer I crossed the Pyrenees on the GR 11. If you wanna know more about my hike, go into the Blog section and check it out there! What can I say, it was an amazing trip! I’m also blogging this year for The Trek, which is super fun! I’ll share everything here of course too 😀



My name is Johanna Willi. I’m a 25-year-old Swiss girl, born and raised in the Alps. In 2018 a big dream of mine came true. I thruhiked the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a five-month adventure from Mexico to Canada through the desert of southern California, the Sierra Nevada, northern California, the volcanic state of Oregon, and last but not least through “little Switzerland of the US” the state of Washington. Since then, I’m better known by my trail name “Tinkle”. I never felt this appreciated and satisfied before in my entire life. After this trip, mountains became the place where I truly belong.

Living in the woods for five months, with only your essentials in your backpack, meeting these honest and open people made me the happiest human on Earth. I learned a lot about myself and that it’s totally fine to be how you are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, you just have to see it. This time changed me in a lot of ways. It showed me what’s really important in life and what are first-world problems.

Muir Pass, my favorite pass in the Sierra Nevada (PCT 18)


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